Il Gufo. Bambini vestiti da bambini

Il Gufo is a leading Italian luxury clothing brand for children, specialized in designing, producing and distributing unique, high quality collections for children from 0 to 14 years. Raised from small artisan beginnings, Il Gufo today is an international company based in Asolo with distribution channels in more than 30 countries, through flagship stores and multibrand channels. Our products are sold in the best department stores worldwide, in Europe, Russia, United States and in Far East, so far foreign sales represent 30% of the total turnover.

Despite our continuous growth, our primary goal remains the quality of each item and the craftsmanship care of all the stages of production. As a matter of fact, from the very first handmade bibs to today’s more intricate creations the values inspiring Il Gufo have remained unchanged: quality of the materials, attention to details, exclusivity of manufacturing. And the children at the center of all our activities: Il Gufo, Children dressed as children.

The history

“I founded Il Gufo in 1980 when my 3 children all under 5 years old were going to kindergarden. I while waiting for them to come home amused myself with my sewing machine by making bibs and “jabots” with collars edged in all colours. Working in a big glass-house, surrounded by the green Asolo hills, I watched the initial results double from season to season. After a few years we needed more space and we were very lucky in finding a fabulous site which we prepared in the same style as our previous “nest”. With sales continually increasing every season we have now grown to a substantial size. We pride ourselves on producing unique hand-made articles with the same care and skill as before. We ensure the highest quality, which has always been our trademark. 
We use almost exclusively natural fibres and carefully selected fabrics which often receive special finishing and are specially dyed for us with highly imaginative colours and refinements. The products are designed and realized right in front of our eyes”.

Giovanna Miletti. President and foundress.