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T shirts and Polo Boy


T-shirts and polo shirts for boys - Il Gufo

The most beautiful boy’s polo shirts and t-shirts are part of a selection, designed by Il Gufo to dress the small and big occasions of boys, combining the unmistakable style of the Italian brand with the great quality of the materials used. The children's t-shirts and polo shirts by Il Gufo guarantee freedom of movement and functionality first: the items are often in cool stretch cotton, which remains soft on the skin without sticking too much. The proposals in gauzed cotton are fresh and comfortable to wear, with a refined and essential style. The design is contemporary and classic stripes or plain colours alternate with colourful and fun prints. These T-shirts are ideal to wear for both special events and more informal occasions. What distinguishes Il Gufo items are the Made in Italy craftsmanship and the care at every stage of production, starting with the careful choice of fabrics and ending with sales assistance. And once the perfect shirt has been chosen? All that's left is to match the right pair of trousers and shoes to match: the look will be fabulous! Shopping online is really easy and safe; just a few clicks and you will find all the information you need on sizes, prices, colours and models. Discover all the Collections!