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Il Gufo's AW19 collection takes inspiration from the yarn, material and origin of every garment, taking you on a discovery of new stories made of words and images.
The common theme of AW19 takes us back to where it all started: the hills of Asolo and the conservatory where founder Giovanna Miletti brought her first creations to life.
``I had glass walls put in the porch of the house, transforming it into a proper workshop, and I used to use my children's ping pong table to cut patterns.`` (Giovanna Miletti)
Attention to detail, a love of things well made and the value of a tradition that can be passed from generation to generation: these are the most important components that bring a quality collection to life.
From choosing the raw materials, to working with them, through to a finished, well-balanced garment. The reference to tradition is paramount in this collection, which sees strong hints of expertise and craftsmanship. This season more than ever, the fluidity in the juxtaposition of shapes, materials, and especially colours makes the collection a reassuring representation of the tradition of the brand.
Every aspect is designed to offer a refined yet functional product, so that children can move around and play with total freedom.

“We’ve taken back the most authentic and precious tradition of manufacturing and we've added Italian sweetness and brightness to create a combination of quality and aesthetic choices that leave the readers free to interpret, even making room for fun onomatopoeic effects,” says Alessandra Chiavelli, CEO of Il Gufo.
Phrases and jacquard details embellish pierrot collars and wool garments, jumpers and coats with embroidery and intarsias, and evening dresses with sparkling ramage. Autumnal coats come in a range of options such as the faux-fur gilet or bouclé coats, which in the coldest season are accompanied by down jackets in bright colours and eco-padded coats in romantic shades of technical velvet.
The brightest colours conjure up ideas of open-air adventure: the many shades of green, from forest to army, blend together with orange, camel and greys, to give a natural and authentic feel.
Refined black and white are combined for everyday suggestions such as the tartan pinafore dress or the Milano stitch dress with detachable round collar that maintains a bon ton appeal.
Finally, powder pink and azure are brightened up with lamé materials and mohair wool belts.

Shapes are always soft and gentle, being reinterpreted through materials and fabrics:
tartan dresses enhanced by shimmering lurex yarn and faux-fur inserts, oversize hooded sweatshirts with maxi animal-print pockets, 100% wool skirts in black and white with an asymmetric cut, and classic black jeans with a glittery polka-dot twist. The Active Label capsule collection, made with Sensitive® Fabrics, is also enriched with new proposals for Autumn and Winter. For girls, dresses with a contemporary shape thanks to a raw-cut finish and laser cut-outs, and for boys, classic-cut tuxedos.

For babies, playsuits feature animal graphics embellished with teddy bear-effect inserts and accessories, that also make an appearance on knitwear and sweatshirts. Comfortable fabrics work alongside more refined materials, to bring you elegance designed for special occasions: jersey paired with tulle and tartan brightened with lurex.

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