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Responsible Down Standard
Traceability and transparency in the selection of suppliers and raw materials are principles that have always guided the work of Il Gufo's people.
The down garments of the winter collections are made with duck feathers from certified duck farms, in compliance with an international standard to which the supplier Molina has decided to voluntarily adhere.
RDS (Responsible Down Standard) is an independent standard subject to review by animal rights associations.
Through the declaration relating to RDS certification, member companies express their commitment to have a responsible supply chain of feathers and down and to guarantee traceability.
In particular, the RDS standard, to which Molina has adhered, guarantees that the duck feathers used to make our outerwear come from protected animals that have lived healthily in their natural environment. Promoted at an international level by Textile Exchange, a non-profit organisation that accelerates sustainable practices and enhances the production chain, the standard is extended to the entire chain, from breeding to final product, so as to guarantee the customer maximum protection at all stages up to the sale of the garment containing RDS certified feathers and down.
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