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Il Gufo Kids’ Island

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Il Gufo Kids' Island

The Il Gufo Spring Summer 2021 collection is the story of a dream. The dream of a journey to discover an island where the sun and sea touch, where nature is wild, colourful and fragrant. An island that children can reach with their imagination… because only those who dream can fly!
It’s Hawaii, an archipelago of islands where we go to find the perfect wave, to lose ourselves in the Kauai “gardens”, to discover the wonders of its forest and then dance until sunset around the purifying fire.
Living fully alongside nature, even if only with our imagination, takes us back to its primary and integral elements: air, water, earth, fire.
The collection opens up with perfect looks for flying to the island of dreams. For girls, a jacket with a frill hem, blue pinstriped with white, to style with a sleeveless cotton voile blouse and white cotton gabardine culottes. Or even a white sleeveless dress where embroidered waves of blue threads, stitched and cut, decorate the bodice. For him, a poplin shirt with stripes and a white and blue floral print, to wear over a T-shirt and blue gabardine Bermuda shorts. A classic but with a twist, the blue cotton jumper with a shell-coloured jacquard palm which can be worn with washed cotton Bermuda shorts in a blue and shell damier check. For her, a jacket in the same cotton damier check, to wear over a voile top with hand-embroidered vertical meanders, finished with large, comfy denim Bermuda shorts. For him, a windproof jacket in a rainy blue shade with a nylon mesh lining, to wear over a shell-coloured sweatshirt with rubber print and rain-coloured check trousers. Ocean colored hibiscus on culotte trousers in cotton poplin for her, to wear with a blue voile multilayer top, which becomes a skirt when you detach the straps.
But the Pacific Ocean also means fun and enjoying its waters… seeking out the perfect wave along the beaches of Waikiki! Liberty is the summer postcard with bright colours of light yellow and blue that becomes the all-over print of the Hawaiian shirt for boys, worn with a pale, silk-screen printed palm T-shirt and canvas trousers in a matching yellow. For her, a nylon poncho with wide three-quarter-length sleeves and hood, fully lined with a nylon mesh, to wear over a sleeveless Liberty Fabrics blouse and and on top of white and yellow seersucker shorts.
For special occasions, a very elegant and bright wraparound dress in a rain blue stretch satin with a pale yellow bow. The fabric of the three dresses with balloon sleeves and frills is airy and lightweight, made in a white, pale pink or pale feather-light embossed fabric. For him, a white linen polo shirt to wear underneath a rain blue blazer with contrast stitching and matching trousers, with thin white lines.
Not just the sea, waves and beaches… the forest is worth exploring, too! The island of Kauai is ready to be crossed. What better outfit than a suit with a shirt jacket in a camouflage cotton linen blend canvas in crocodile green shades, to wear over a white linen serafino polo shirt and moss green Bermuda shorts in Sensitive® Fabrics with taped details. The shades take on colours of the earth and forest, even in the short-sleeved linen madras dress, in shades of crocodile green.
As the day goes by, colours ignite and everything becomes tinged with red and bright orange… it’s the perfect moment for a fire dance! Girls’ dresses become ablaze with warm colours and exclusive motifs. An all-over colourful floral print in orange, yellow, red and purple brings life and movement to the short-sleeved, ruffled dress for her. A friendly parrot, made with cuts of multicoloured fabric, sits on a sleeveless dress in fuchsia or white. A cheerful nod to the joy of life.
“A journey that in reality we cannot make today, but that excites us greatly, because its full of the earth’s energy that inspired it, in which the elements of the macrocosm unite in an explosion of life, and full of the imagination of children, with their imaginary journeys. A destination that will allow us to express so much of our creative spirit through several colours, shapes and materials that are completely new! Research, commitment and great passion blended more than ever into a balanced and meticulously designed collection” (Alessandra Chiavelli, CEO).
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