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Stay home… and don’t stop learning with Paola!
We've all been touched by the drastic and necessary containment measures of the Coronavirus emergency.
Many moms and dads found themselves having to find a new balance between work and family... at home, as nobody has probably ever been used to.

Paola, mum, mind and heart behind the Ettomio project, shares some hints of activities to do at home with your children... with the hope that soon we can all resume our active lives!

#1-2 YEARS ``TOUCH``


- Flour 0 (or 00) in quantities to be determined personally
- Tap water in proportion (approximately) to half the weight of the flour
- Food colours (optional)
- Bowls, small cake moulds

Knead all the ingredients and leave the dough to rest in a bowl covered with film for about 20 minutes.
Once ready, knead it again with the help of the little hands.
Handling the dough has a 'cathartic' effect on children and helps them to relieve any daily tension.


- Sheets of cardboard
- Various ingredients: beans, buttons, sandpaper, fabrics, pasta ...

Glue the different ingredients on different sheets of cardboard: one sheet will have only beans, one fabric, one sandpaper and offer children the tactile experience on different surfaces.
Touch is the first sense that children use to communicate with the world. Developing this sense will enable them to stimulate mind and body to a deeper communication.

#2-3 YEARS ``COLOR``


- Colored sheets (but also newspaper cut-outs)
- Glue

Draw on a sheet of paper a simple figure (a boat on the sea, a house, a flower) and suggest to the child to glue the colored pieces as he/she likes!
Collage stimulates concentration and is a great way to make our children feel responsible.


- many pieces of fruit
- toothpick

Making dessert for Mommy and Daddy? Wow, how exciting!
Prepare many bowls with fruit already cut, maybe with different colors (kiwi, strawberry, banana, apple ...) and let your child free to create the skewers as he/she likes!
The trust we give them in ``letting them prepare`` something for us, stimulates resilience and self-awareness.



- Any ingredient that can be mixed

This game is free: ask your children to find different ingredients that can be available at home, from flour, dried beans, cereals, sprinkles to decorate cakes, glitter for DIY but also liquids such as water, oil and vinegar!
Let them mix the ingredients in a container (a transparent glass jar is perfect!) and voilà the magic potion 🙂
In addition to stimulating their imagination and creativity, children will be able to understand how to mix the ingredients, the difference between solid and liquid and how the consistency can change... in short, a very first chemistry lesson 🙂


- cushions, ropes, chairs, glasses... anything that might be useful to create a pathway.

Let our children turn into adventurous explorers, into fantastic super heroes and heroines, into pirates or great gymnasts! Even in disguise 🙂
Use the space of your house in the best possible way (between living room and kitchen, bathroom) and build a path with some obstacles: jump the ladle, do a somersault on the carpet, jump with your feet together inside the circle, stay balanced on the brick, then roll on the cushion, crawl under the chair ... and away with fantasy!
Children like to dress up, become a character, and if we combine that with movement, well, the result is guaranteed!

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