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The best English picture books for young children by
These classic picture books are just a few of my favourite stories, perfect for toddlers and children up to around five years of age.

Many of these books have been around long before I was a child, and reading them again brings back the thrill and enchantment I felt reading them with my mother the first time around, many years ago now.

With these picture books, you’re sure to instill a love of reading in your little ones. Why not give one or two of these a go?

Meg and Mog Helen, Nicoll and Jan Pieńkowski
The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Judith Kerr
Six Dinner Sid, Inga Moore
Join this family’s daredevil adventure through grass, rivers, mud and snowstorms in search of a bear. Find out the surprise that awaits them in the deep, dark cave on the other side of the forest!

There’s a certain thrill factor to this story that will appeal to every young child, and they’ll delight in the onomatopoeic descriptions of each hazardous obstacle!

The Gruffalo Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

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