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Thinking summer by Emilie The Brunette
Last summer Gustave extensively wore clothes and shoes by IL GUFO, and he keeps wearing the outfits I had previously presented here. This is why I am looking forward to seeing him dressed in two perfect outfits for the months to come which I am going to tell you about. Gustave is growing and since he is a very lively child, I prefer candid shots rather than forcing him to strike a pose.
Sadly, our summers at the island of Noirmoutier are over as grandparents have recently sold their house there, but also this year we will be going to the beach. And eventually I will have Gus wear shorts when the hot weather hits.
I think shorts are more comfortable when it is hot, and turn ups are an ideal solution if they are just a bit too long.
I must confess I love Gustave in blue, as this colour makes his tan stand out while that blue sweater makes me think of his origins from Normandy.
We live not too far from the coast of Normandy therefore now that we have a car (yessssssss, our life is less complicated) we can finally go take strolls along the seafront at weekends. And here we go with the perfect outfit for mid-season weather, with the sandals I prefer for my son – sandals he already used last year when he took his first steps as a toddler.
We tested this outfit last weekend when Gus spent his whole afternoon playing with his cousins in his great-grandpa’s garden. He just felt so at ease, enjoying every second of the gathering.
I am extremely satisfied with the quality of children’s sweaters by Il Gufo! They are beautiful and remain as nice even over time.

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