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Yoga lesson for children and parents
The long-awaited moment has arrived, a yoga lesson for parents and children ... a magical lesson!
Leading the practice are Anna Kostina, mother and teacher of yoga for children and face yoga, and her daughter Vera. The lesson is special because it will take us on a journey to Australia.
First, start with some magical vibrations. The human body is made up of almost 80% of water and, just as water reacts to sound, so does the body. Try feeling these vibrations.
Sit back to back with your child, legs crossed and hands in prayer position.
Inhale and with each deep exhale pronounce a different magical word: first LAM, then VAM, then RAM, then YAM, then HAM and finally OM.
Before starting the journey, the whole body and mat need to become magical. While seated, rub your legs and feet with your hands to warm them up. Then make magical circles in both directions with feet, knees, hands, elbows and the neck. Test your flight abilities in the butterfly pose. Sitting on the mat, join your feet, open your knees on the sides and move them up and down as if you were flying.
Make a phone call to announce that you are leaving. While seated on the mat, take one foot and begin to press the imaginary phone buttons, then bring the foot closer to your ear to speak. Repeat the phone call with the other foot too!
Now salute the sun with the help of a story of fraternal love. Start standing at the edge of the mat, keep your feet together and hands in prayer position. Here comes the story: “Once there were a brother and a sister who loved each other: in the morning the brother used to take his sister up to a mountain, in the afternoon he used to walk down the mountain and cool down in a stream, then he would go up the mountain again to reach his little sister and hug her tightly. Then it was the sister's turn to go down to the stream and finally the brother's turn again`` (the sun salutation is repeated 4 times each time with a different leg going backward).
Now that you are ready for the trip, sit on your knees. The mats are flying so start moving by bringing the weight onto your right hip and then onto your left hip, with the arms going in the opposite direction.
You have arrived at the sea. There are dolphins around that are greeting you. Greet them too! Lie on your stomach with your forearms on the floor and your hands clasped in front of your head. Lift your and lift your hips back and up away from your hands and then bring them back to the ground.
Here come some lazy crocodiles! Lie on your stomach, put your palms on top of each other and rest your head on your hands.
After many adventures you have finally arrived to Mellville island and from there you have to take a boat to reach the other side. While seated, raise your legs and straighten your arms. Bring your legs closer and then further away, keeping your back always strong.
Rest for a moment. While seated, with your legs stretched out, raise your torso and arms upwards, bend forward over your legs and see if you can grab the feet with your hands.
Your destination is Perth: to reach it, start traveling by pedal boat. Sit facing each other and raise your knees, join your feet and start pedaling.
Then you jump on a rowboat. Sitting on the ground, facing each other, legs spread apart, hold each other’s hands and start pulling the other towards you so that your backs bend back and forth.
Then you meet a swimming turtle: being a turtle is fun! Sitting with your legs open and your knees bent, put your arms under your legs. If you can, bring your hands together behind the back.
On the horizon you see a bridge and you need to pass under it with our boat. In a seated position, your child's feet will be on top of yours. Lift your hips to make a bridge, until your knees touch.
You have finally reached Perth! You meet a few dogs there and you keep them company. Move from a standing pose into Downward Dog pose then walk back and forth with hands and feet. Then, you hold the pose and your child slides under, at least for 3 turns. Then you can do the same.
Have some rest: sitting on your heels, lean forward and stretch the spine.
To announce your arrival, wave a flag! From a standing position, with your legs spread and shoulder-width apart, rotate the right foot, raise your arms to shoulder height, slide your right hand down towards the right foot while the left hand draws circles. Repeat on the other side.
Finally, you meet Australia’s national animal, the kangaroo! What is a kangaroo like? From chair pose, lift your arms up and make some small jumps. To loosen up, do a little run.
You start to see many trees and you want to be one of them: standing up with your feet together, raise your arms above the head with the palms touching, swing to the right and to the left with the upper part of the torso, like branches in the wind.
It’s dark now and you need to light candles. Lying down on the mat, lift your legs and your torso upwards. You can support the back with your hands.
Then roll the back down to the mat and relax, with butterfly legs and feet together, elbows on the mat and head back.
You are now ready to go home. Laying down on the mat, say no with your head, relax the neck, the whole body, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale letting the body go. Flying over the clouds, observe your house, the window, enter.
It’s morning again, time to wake up: gently move your hands, your wrists, your feet, the whole body and then sit back with your legs crossed and your backs touching. Pronounce the magical words again and feel the extra energy in your body!
Thanks for participating, Namaste!

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