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What if educating about the environment started over with children? Little ones, who are exceptionally sensitive to their surroundings and have boundless imagination, are ready to pave the way towards a society in which the natural world and the city are no longer polar opposites.
Thanks to high-tech modern solutions, nature is returning to cities and urban network systems can create green spaces, to realise the vision of a dream farm where children can grow up in liberty.

Springtime in the city is free and liberating: for her, a short trench coat in beige cotton drill with drawstring waist paired with a matching bucket’s hat. The classic, long-sleeved shirt embellished with ink-blue stripes has a wide collar with ruffly edging. The cotton seersucker trousers with blue check motif are roomy and comfortable.

For him, a blazer in seersucker-effect technical fabric with blue and beige stripes and classic lapels, worn over a blue poplin shirt with mandarin collar and a white cotton t-shirt with blue edging. The look is complete with cargo-style bermuda shorts in heavyweight beige jersey.

Off to the countryside at last! A long, hooded windproof jacket in mimosa yellow nylon reveals a sleeveless cotton jersey top covered in blue, green and yellow tulle frills. The technical, teal Sensitive® Fabrics trousers have a peplum at the front and back. The mimosa yellow bucket’s hat in cotton gabardine provides protection from the sun.

Shades of sky blue and aqua inspire a look enamoured with the gypsy world: for her, a white cotton poplin shirt with folk-style embroidered edging in contrasting shades of blue and light blue on the armholes and collar, and cotton gabardine shorts with a special teal and light blue tie-dye print.

This is the inspiration behind Il Gufo Spring 2022 Collection: a journey that takes us from the city environment as we know it today to the “Eco-Farm” – a space in which nature and imagination thrive without limits.
The colours of the earth, its fields, gardens, flora, fauna, fruit and vegetables abound here, and the materials used are natural and fresh.

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