Il Gufo Savoir-Faire Episode 4 – THE SHOES
Il Gufo shoes are Made in Italy, created with care by a prestigious artisan company that has been producing
shoes for children and teenagers for more than five decades. The craftsmen of the company use their
expertise to combine tradition with a refined and contemporary design.
Many are the steps that lead from the creation of the paper pattern to the shoe ready to be worn. Some of
the salient steps are the cut-out on the upper leather, its hemming, the gluing of the lining, the carding of
the shoe, the gluing of the sole and finally the removal of the shape.
Each step must be carried out with the
utmost care and attention, respecting rest times or, on the contrary, acting very quickly to achieve a final
result free of imperfections.
Discover below Il Gufo shoes for Spring / Summer for her and for him and prepare your children to walk in comfort and freedom, without ever giving up on style!

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