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T-shirts and Bodysuits Baby Girl


T-shirts  and bodysuits for baby girl- Il Gufo

The collection of t-shirts and shirts for new-born girls up to 3 years old combines the simplicity of the shapes with the harmony of the details, enhancing their functionality. Babies only a few months old need soft, comfortable garments that facilitate their movements: Il Gufo blouses and bodysuits have press studs on the back or bottom. T-shirts for newborn girls have buttons on the shoulder so they can be slipped on more easily, and the soft stretch cotton clings to the skin without constricting the bust. The total white of some models gives space to movement in the fabrics, which breaks the continuity of colour to revitalise it through pleating and unusual cuts. The use of colour in the T-shirts, shirts and bodysuits of the Il Gufo collection lets the imagination run wild, sometimes applied to the lines of a pattern with abstract lines, others in the three-dimensional representation of a small animal, in an alternation of soft and lively colours that match easily with our offer of shoes, accessories and clothing for newborns. The Il Gufo t-shirts and shirts designed for newborn girls from 0 to 36 months are characterised by the handcrafted quality of the workmanship and materials, but also by the research into prints and illustrations. Applications, handmade embroideries and pretty ruffles embellish the simple lines of the models. Buying a Il Gufo baby blouse means choosing a garment that is always up-to-date and made from quality fabrics that do not preclude machine washing.