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Coats and Jackets Baby Girl

Jacket for baby girls in stretch denim - Jackets - Il Gufo
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$ 216.00-50%$ 108.00
Short down-proof nylon down jacket - Jackets - Il Gufo
Starting from
$ 423.00-50%$ 211.50
Jacket for baby girls in white microfibre - Jackets - Il Gufo
Starting from
$ 231.00-50%$ 115.50

Baby girl Winter and Summer coats and jackets - Il Gufo

Il Gufo's baby girl jackets and coats from the 0-36 months line are made with high quality materials, in an artisanal way, always putting the needs of little girls first. Your baby will feel free to explore the world while wearing a warm and durable garment. Il Gufo's jacket collection is designed for newborn girls and girls up to 3 years old: all the garments are made with attention to every detail, from the lines to the colours, right down to the fabrics. For us, it is the details that make the difference: ruffles, precious appliqués, fur inserts and soft ecofur are the elements that make Il Gufo's jackets and coats for newborn girls and little girls exceptional. The jackets are available in different colours, from classic ones such as white and navy blue, to the trendiest shades, to meet everyone's needs and match with clothes, shoes and accessories. After all, it is the tailoring and quality of the materials that distinguish Il Gufo jackets. Garments in wool, techno velvet or soft cotton maintain a unique practicality and unmistakable style. Quality workmanship is the hallmark of the brand: each garment is made with care and attention to detail. After all, every Il Gufo newborn coat and jacket is imbued with creativity, craftsmanship and love for little girls. The line of jackets for little girls from 0 to 36 months is waiting to be discovered!