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      Il Gufo


      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo


      • The down and feather filling are composed by 90% down, 10% small feathers.

      • The down, naturally shaft free, due to its volume and the power to maintain air inside, ensures insulation and warmth.

      • Fill power 700.

      The down and feather filling is certified by:

      • Class 1: first use down, not recycled.

      • RDS: Responsible Down Standard. RDS ensures that feathers and down are not sourced from live animals and are retraceable back to rearing area.

      Attention to products and traceability of raw materials are both elements of great importance to il Gufo. All the down in our garments is of European origin and comes from a short, easy to trace supply chain.

      REAL FUR

      Certified Saga Furs: finest Finnraccoon fur produced with care and respect on european fur farms, where animal welfare, transparency and traceability are key words. After careful inspection by grading experts, only the best pelts are awarded the prestigious Saga Furs label.

      DOWN CARE:

      how to wash your down jacket:

      Since down jackets often have details in fabric or other materials, it is essential to always follow the washing instructions on the garment.

      The following are general instructions for a garment that hasn’t any particular fur inserts, workmanship or details:

      • Remove any items from the pockets, remove any detachable pieces, close all zips and place the garment inside out.

      • Put the garment in the washing machine and add a little mild detergent, set the washing temperature to max 30° (always follow the instructions on the inside label).

      • TUMBLE DRYER: Once finished, if your tumble dryer has the appropriate cycle put the jacket in the dryer on a low heat cycle. If you want your garments to be completely dry, it may take a few cycles. Adding a couple of balls will help restore the softness of the duvet (buy balls designed for this purpose).

      • NORMAL DRYING: if your tumble dryer does not provide a suitable cycle or you do not have a tumble dryer, put the garment horizontally, not in direct contact with heat sources.

      • As the garment is drying, shake it occasionally to break up any lumps that are forming. The longer the duvet dries, the easier it will be to remove the lumps and re-inflate it.

      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo