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      Il Gufo


      Il Gufo


      The merino wool of Il Gufo collections has the innate qualities of biodegradability, breathability, easy care and durability, it is certified by WOOLMARK® (from the autumn-winter 2022 collection) and SUSTAINAWOOL®, thus guaranteeing high quality standards, certified origin and the 'CUSTODY CHAIN', a system that allows to trace the finished sweater back to the name of the sheep.


      The wool is:

      • sustainable

      • circular

      • durable

      • natural and renewable

      • biodegradable (it decomposes in a matter of months under ideal conditions releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil in contrast synthetic fibres are extremely slow to degrade).

      • composed of a natural protein called keratin, similar to the protein found in human hair.


      Reasons to wear wool:

      • softness

      • temperature regulation

      • breathable

      • easy care

      • odour resistant

      • stain resistant

      • durable

      • reassuringly safe


      Il Gufo wool is ceritified: Pure new Merino wool, extra fine, certified by WOOLMARK®.


      WOOLMARK® certifies:

      • the quality of the yarn: quality characteristics such as peeling, washing stability etc;

      • the thread size: according to the specific range the wool used is to be considered “Extra fine”


      SUSTAINAWOOL® certifies:

      • sheep health and welfare;

      • environmental management and farm structures;

      • competence and record keeping;

      • wool quality;

      • social responsibility;

      • traceability


      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo
      Il Gufo