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gift card

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Purchase a gift card and receive it to your email address or choose the option "Give a gift card" to send it to the recipient

Product detail

The Gift Card Il Gufo is an exclusive digital card that allows the recipient absolute freedom of choice on the product to be purchased and is valid for one year. The amount of the Gift Card covers the entire order and can also be used for multiple orders, until the credit is exhausted. Remember that you can use it on only. You can buy the Gift Card without specifying the recipient: in this case the email with the details of the card and the printable pdf will arrive at the email address entered on the order completion page. Alternatively, by entering the name and email address of the person to whom you wish to give the card, all the information will arrive directly by email to the recipient of the gift, who will only have to confirm the receipt of the Gift Card. In this case you can choose the date of sending the communication containing the details of the Gift Card.

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Extra UE: within 8 working days from receiving the order.
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