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      Outfits Baby Girl

      Babysuit in floral-print voile - Babygrows - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 99.00
      Two-piece set in linen - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 151.00
      Two-piece set in a checked print - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 89.00
      Two-piece set in printed gauze  - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 97.00
      Two-piece set with striped dungarees - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 102.00
      Two-piece set with floral pattern - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 86.00
      Two-piece set with dungarees - COMPLETO DUE PEZZI - Il Gufo
      Starting from
      CHF 107.00

      Baby Winter and Summer babygrows and two-piece sets - Il Gufo

      Il Gufo makes items  suitable for every age group using only the highest quality materials. The babysuits and two-piece sets for newborn girls and girls up to 36 months reflect this philosophy. Generally the items are in warm or cool cotton, a fabric that remains soft on the skin. The details are important, often featuring lace, ruffles and handmade appliqués.The selection of Il Gufo bodysuits, two-pieces and babygrows for newborn girls enhances the delicacy of little girls and proposes pastel colours combined with refined textures. The babysuits is the easiest garment for a baby: it slips on, fastens with press studs on the back or bottom and goes over the feet. Il Gufo dedicates to the 0-36 month range the two-piece set composed of sweaters and trousers in soft fabrics such as cotton, velvet, fleece or the innovative tecnowool. Sweatshirts have collars, cuffs, zips and hoods often softened by ruffles. There is no lack of bows, gathers and precious appliqués. For a romantic allure, the choice falls on baby girl outfits with a skirt or dress. The bodysuit, which is appropriate in the first few months of life, leaves room for the t-shirt for girls over one and a half years old, to adapt to their needs while maintaining functionality and look. Buying a baby girl suit or onesie is easy: online you can find all the information about size, shipping and returns. In store, you will have the full availability of an assistant who will be able to answer any questions.