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Sweatshirts Boy

Sweatshirt with embroidered motorbike  - Sweatshirts - Il Gufo
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CN¥ 1,205.00
Shirt jacket in blue fleece - Sweatshirts - Il Gufo
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CN¥ 1,446.00
Zip-front fleece jacket in yellow - Sweatshirts - Il Gufo
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CN¥ 1,553.00
Hooded short-sleeve sweatshirt  - Sweatshirts - Il Gufo
Starting from
CN¥ 1,179.00

Colourful boy’s sweatshirts, with and without zip - Il Gufo

The history of Il Gufo began in 1980: we have always been involved in the production of clothing, shoes and many accessories for children, capable of satisfying even the most demanding expectations of quality and style. The careful selection of fabrics, the study of a design that is always up-to-date and the respect for the Italian stylistic heritage, allow us to bring to the domestic and foreign markets products with unique lines and guaranteed quality - in full Made in Italy style. For children aged between 2 and 16 years, we have created a line of sweatshirts for every occasion: Il Gufo accompanies the little ones in every moment of the day, at school and in their free time, with the family or at the park with friends, as well as at ceremonies and important events and celebrations. Children's sweatshirts are very comfortable and 100% cotton, available with or without a hood, hard-wearing and easily washable. You can choose from different colours and patterns, which cleverly combine a sporty nature with the refined details that distinguish all our garments, making them unique. Combine your favourite children's sweatshirt with a nice pair of trousers and the look will be perfect for any occasion! Shopping is just a click away: in the Il Gufo online shop you can select models and get all the details on available sizes, colours and prices of the items.