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      Stylish and comfortable boy's shoes - Il Gufo

      Running, jumping, exploring. Go to school, create new games with friends. Take part in small and big family occasions. The growth of our children is based precisely on these moments; it is made up of exchanges, meetings and discoveries: in order not to miss a single opportunity, the most important thing is freedom of movement. For this reason Il Gufo has been lovingly and passionately making clothing, lots of accessories, and children's shoes that accompany growth while always ensuring maximum comfort. The Il Gufo children's shoe line is complete for every little one's needs, designed to guarantee comfort and support in every occasion, without renouncing to an unmistakable touch of Made in Italy style, which gives unparalleled elegance and quality. The collection of shoes designed for children offers many models made with precision craftsmanship and made with attention to every detail, just as the best Italian tradition requires. Elegance and practicality come together in all the models, which truly meet the needs of every situation in children's lives. The cool and comfortable sandals for summer, the irresistible leather lace-ups that are simply perfect for ceremonies and special events, the practical trainers for everyday wear... Explore the entire collection on our online shop: for each model, you will find all the information you need to complete your purchase without difficulty!