The Il Gufo SS2020 campaign pays homage to nature and timeless beauty. Stepping through the door to a secret garden, we enter into a dream dimension, where flowers and plants spring to life on light, comfortable, and fresh fabrics.
Shot by French photographer Franck Malthiery, able to capture the joy of little ones, the SS2020 campaign is a sequence of open-air concepts with children portrayed in moments of complete freedom, in interaction with nature and its inhabitants.
The first images revolve around the gateway to the secret garden: an intrigued girl is about to walk through. As she twirls, her short-sleeved, white cotton dress with pleated skirt, pastel-colour floral print and woodworm green sateen band along the hem swishes around.
Other children then make their way into the garden. Their clothes match the surrounding natural environment perfectly, where pastel colours take turns in creating a complementary colour palette: a round-neck lilac sateen shirt with plissé-effect aqua green belt, a sleeveless sateen A-line dress in lemon yellow, and a pink cotton outfit with plissé-effect ruffle top and skirt with asymmetrical frills.
Once we’re settled in the garden...it’s time to get to work! We have to climb a ladder to find our way! And what better outfit than a comfortable faded-effect green cotton jumper and stretch cotton gabardine Bermuda shorts with leaf print all over?
Gardening? Piece of cake! Children are still free to move around and play thanks to the comfort and refinement of the fabrics: for boys, a 100% linen sienna shirt with Mao neck underneath a white and chocolate check seersucker blazer teamed with white linen trousers. For girls, a white broderie anglaise top with ruffles on the sleeves and pure linen trousers in a sienna colour.
And when it gets too warm...better to cool off a little in the tub! A playful look for children who love to have fun: a T-shirt with butterfly print in shades of blue and tulle appliqués paired with a sheer ripstop jacket and shorts with lemon yellow gabardine turn-ups.
Last but not least, time to meet the animals: the garden’s adorable inhabitants are intrigued by the little people present. The dog and chick...what's on their mind? How colourful is this dress! Empire-line dress with ruffles on the sleeves and double frilled skirt in pink, lemon yellow and pastel green tulle.

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